In 2016 the Foundation funded the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island's Sunrise programs for children with cancer and their families.

The Sunrise Day Campis offered for 6 weeks during the summer and provides a range of activities designed to best accommodate chronically ill children as well as their siblings. The summer 2017 camp had 74 campers fully enrolled, offering services and respite for 45 families. Because almost 71% of the camp-ers with cancer were still on active treatment for the condition, daily attendance fluctuated, with an average of 39.4 campers daily. The camp was a tremendous success, with the children having days filled withmusic, songs, arts and crafts, sports, fun at the splash pad, special entertainment shows, a carnival, bar-b-que, and a friendly competition during “Color War Day.”The Sunrise on Wheels-In Hospital Programs travels to both the in/out-patient clinics at the majority of the areas most renowned hospitals and medical centers. The program strives to offerentertainment and distraction to pediatric cancer patients. Trained vol-unteers and staff roll out a rainbow camp trunk filled with toys, puzzles, games and surprises. Sunrise Year-Round Programs offers programs once a month on Sundays and during school holidays year-round. The program includes drama workshops, crafts, interactive concerts, sports activities and other cultural en-richment programs.

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