In 2012, the Foundation approved a major gift for the Staten Island Museum's capital campaign for its move to the Snug Harbor Cultural Center campus.

The Foundation’s grant provided support for two exhibits, the permanent Remember the Mastodon: A Richmond County Savings Foundation Exhibition and From Farmto City, the local legacy exhibit based on the 2012 Museum of the City of New York’s exhibition. Remember the Mastodon, using the example of the mastodon, highlights the changing bio-diversity on Staten Island. The jumbo molar and other fossilized bones of Mammut americanum found on Staten Island indicates that these giants once called the borough home. Remember the Mastodon is about the hard facts of extinction, the wonder of enduring species, the importance of biodiversity, and the challenge of preservation. From Farm to City: A Richmond County Savings Foundation Legacy Exhibition was originally created by the Museum of the City of New York and underwritten by the Foundation. That exhibition focused on land use – Farmland/Suburb/Retreat/City. The Staten Island Museum’s legacy version focuses on the people and themes that define the Island’s history and contributions to the nation. The exhibition illustrates the Island’s past from the first native inhabitants until the creation of Freshkills Park. Stories include: Lenape Indian summer encampments, Revolutionary Warraids, Civil War draft riots, and peaceful retreats for philosophers, wealthy city folks, and hard-working immigrants.

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