In 2002, the Foundation joined forces with the Staten Island Botanical Garden to offer Staten Island a one-of-a-kind unique escape to Florence Italy. The Richmond County Savings Foundation Tuscan Garden provides a beautiful Villa Gamberaia-inspired canvas for weddings, celebrations, programs and events, including the Neptune Ball and Lincoln Center's Silent Disco.

The Tuscan Garden’s geometric design is in keeping with sixteenth and seventeenth century style. The strong architectural layout reflects early Renaissance ideals of symmetry and proportion.

Since 2014, “Four Seasons” (funded by the Richmond County Savings Foundation) highlights the Tuscan Garden as a backdrop for dynamic programming that explores the richness of arts and culture throughout the year. Snug Harbor presents various music and dance performances; educational workshops in gardening and composting; and painting and vino classes to the community. This varied program allows Snug Harbor to cultivate new audiences interested in the artistry of this garden. The Tuscan Garden is both a space of beauty and reflection, as well as a dynamic meeting ground for Staten Islanders interested in the arts and horticulture alike.

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