In 1998, at the Foundation's first meeting of the Board of Directors, the Foundation approved one our first multi-year commitments to The Staten Island Children's Museum.

The Staten Island Children’s Museum is known for the wide range of fun and educational programs its offers thousands of children and families each year. The Richmond County Savings Foundation Classroom is a venue that offers many services to the community including cooking programs, educational camps, science and technology programs. The classroom is also used for enrichment programs with school group visitors who participate in Art Immersions: hands on art studios where elementary-aged students make masks inspired by the Mayan people, learn to paint like Matisse or craft necklaces influenced by Iroquois beadwork and totems. Science Immersions provide students with opportunities to experiment with water or electrical circuitry. The RCSF Classroom is a flexible room with adjustable height tables and child-sized chairs. It can be rented for meetings, a child’s birthday or used for free by other community non-profit groups offering a multi-purpose resource for the museum and the community.

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