The Richmond County Savings Foundation will offer a public art grant category for funding year 2020. The Foundation will provide grants in support of public art projects throughout the Foundation’s service area.

The Foundation will award $100,000 in total through this program.

Funding levels: Grants will range from $5,000 to $20,000. All grants will require dollar for dollar matching funds. In-kind contributions will not be considered as part of the required matching funds.

Categories: The Foundation will consider support for all types of public art projects. See criteria below:

Permanency at a location

Matching funding in place

Permits, if necessary, secured

Design or photo submitted

Website or other social media in place

Permanent naming opportunity for RCSF

Timeliness of installation

Please submit a one-page project description which must include all of the following:

- Type of project

- Overall budget

- Amounts and sources of matching funds

- Timeline for project

- Location of project